PreciselySo's Precise Test Manager

PreciselySo's Precise Test Manager

Why Should I Use The Precise Test Manager?


Quality is all about data - monitoring values to gain an understanding of what is happening now, what has happened in the past and collecting it for analysis to promote ideas for quality improvement.  Without the data how do you know the variance ( spread of values ) of, say, the output power from your product?  How can you find out if it has changed from last week, or from when it first went into production?  How could you verify that an engineering change designed to improve something has actually improved it for all products being shipped?

PreciselySo's Precise Test Manager ( PTM ) starts collecting data from the day you start testing.  It also provides the other parts of the framework for your test code to get your code up and running in the shortest possible time.  It is designed to enable and encourage reuse of your valuable test software assets.

Precise Test Manager In Practice


PTM in Practice:

We have some videos in the making for this, coming soon! - sketch out the aims of the tests - gather together the test equipment, cables, interfaces etc. - connect it up - create the test plan - connect to the DUT ( device under test ) - run the tests - disconnect, connect the next, run the tests, repeat!


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )


Q: What is the Precise Test Manager?

A: It is a framework for all of your production or functional testing operations, from assisting purely manual processes to fully automated systems.

Q: Is the Precise Test Manager a solution for my business?

A: If you are manufacturing products and those products need to be tested before being shipped, then yes!

In particular, if you have a reasonable mix of products that need to be tested but there is not a dedicated team of test engineers available to you to create the tests then PTM is a great fit.

Q: How does the Precise Test Manager help me?

A: It provides a means to easily create test and measurement sequences for your products and test them.  It also provides assistance in locating faults if an item does not pass the tests.


Key Features


☑ Paperless testing system

☑ Simple to use

☑ Flexible test plan and result storage 

☑ Customisable results generation

☑ Error handling facility  

☑ Customisable security model


For examples on how the Precise Test Manager can be used check out our case studies section

or download the product brochure for more detailed information