Flexible Production Test System

Flexible Production Test System

Designed to test a fair number of diverse modules for a multi-national defence supplier, this system is packed with general-purpose test equipment including fixed and programmable power supplies, a digital multimeter, several PC-based instruments ( pictured before cabling ) including CAN-bus controllers, fast digital I/O, analogue inputs, analogue outputs, serial-communications ports and even a PC sound card for audio command generation and quality checking.

The instruments are cabled with large looms to ZIF connectors ( zero insertion force ) which then plug into device-under-test-specific interfaces.  This means that many diverse units, which are used on a military training product, can be tested on the same system with a simple change of test interface and selecting the relevant program.

The software included diagnostic information such as location of test points, troubleshooting hints etc.

This was used by the company to perform initial testing and then provided to their customer for maintenance and repair.

"The clever thing about this system is its ability to be used for new modules to be tested.  All we have to do is to wire up a new interface unit and write a test plan."