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Check Out The Precise Test Manager!

Check Out The Precise Test Manager!

Product quality depends on measurement data - to monitor what is being shipped as well as to enable improvements. If your test system isn't saving the measurement data in a useable form then you are throwing away a valuable resource.

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We've Moved

We've moved - now easier to access from the M5 at Tourism House in Pynes Hill towards the south east of Exeter. Look out for occasional updates and articles.

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New Prototyping Tool

We've used external houses in the past to produce 3D printed plastics for various projects, from specialised brackets to custom shaped enclosures to waterproof housings.  That works fine when you know exactly what you want!  We decided that having a printer on-site would be a useful...

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VEE Examples: trap a key press

The first question was how to trap a key press in VEE and perform some operation as a result. This simple example shows trapping of the arrow keys, a dialog box pops up to state which key has been pressed.

VEE Examples: trap 2 key presses

As an extension to the one above, this shows a crude handling of two keys at the same time: in this case only if you press down followed by left, but it shows the principle behind dealing with more than one event.

Searching a Text Array

Often it is required to check an array of text for a match with a given text e.g. username lookup. This tip describes a simple and fast way to check for a match and, if required, find the element index with which the match was made.